About Airnest Aircraft

Each and every member of Airnest Aircraft LP. is in love with flying. Flying in an autogyro is a unique experience, incomparable to anything else. We would like to share this wonderful feeling with you.


Why us?

  • innovative, creative, "cool" design
  • custom-made: maximum attention to individual needs
  • the most modern technology (carbon)
  • joy of flying, comfort and safety at the same time
  • an aircraft type which matches your personality


Near the city of Kecskemét (Hungary), in the vicinity of Jakabszállás Sport Airport, from our own funds and with the help and exceptional talent of Imre Fekete we have built the prototype of an all season autogyro.

Airnest Aircraft LP. was established with the aim of organising a company limited by shares or a limited liability company which will provide the investment capital necessary for developing the infrastructure of serial production and which will allow us to start serial production.

The tools for small series production were also manufactured during the construction of the prototype so the tools for making the cabin, the tail section and the plexiglass are already at our disposal.

Right from the beginning of the establishment we would like to provide the opportunity for those who are considering buying an autogyro to use their funds intended to purchase a gyroplane as prepayment or down payment in the form of buying shares as a retail investor. This way, after production has started, the investor, also as a shareholder, will be entitled to receive a significant discount from the price and to be among the first buyers in a way that the purchase price is paid by the shareholder’s previously bought shares.

The founders have decades of flying experience. Our chief constructor’s versatile and thorough experience in manufacturing UL aircraft (autogyro, powered hang glider, Bücker 131 replica) urges us to develop an aircraft type (later types) which not only provides a unique, gorgeous, ’cool’ flying experience, but also pays maximum attention to the pilot’s individual requirements, comfort and safety as well as to the quality of the materials used. Our technical solutions also serve the purpose of making your flight sheer enjoyment.


Imre was the first person to build a powered hang glider in Hungary. He is a powered and unpowered hang glider pilot and a sailplane pilot, autogyro pilot licence in progress.
He is a UL flight instructor and UL builder. He has extensive experience in UL aircraft construction (autogyro, powered hang glider, UL biplane – Bücker 131 replica etc.).
Furthermore, during his career as a pilot, he has gained thorough experience as an agricultural pilot and a test pilot (Hódgép Ltd.).

Lajos has decades of experience in flying and in the field of business and technology, he has been the owner and managing director of a successful insurance broker company (Hírös Bróker Ltd.) for 25 years and he is also a qualified independent insurance broker and an independent senior technical damage assessor.
He graduated as a technical damage assessor from the faculty of mechanical engineering at the Agricultural University of Gödöllő.
Lajos is an autogyro pilot, a former powered hang glider instructor and tug pilot and a silver badge sailplane pilot.

Let's Work Together!